With a depth and breadth of capabilities and expertise rarely found in the industry, SPT is the first and only call many OEMs make when looking for precision machining. SPT supplies machined components and parts used in motor graders, diesel engines, construction equipment, off road transportation, automotive, agriculture, tracked tractors, pipe layers, mining equipment, excavators, wheel loaders and many other industrial applications.

Details of our capabilities include:

  • Superior Capacity – with over 130 pieces of CNC equipment used to process steels, irons, aluminum and other metals
  • 5-Axis machining capabilities, achieving angular tolerance of two thousandth’s of a degree (.002”)
  • 3 and 4 Axis CNC machining and lathe work with tolerances between 20 to 100 microns (.0008” to .004”)
  • Flexible work envelope up to maximum dimensions of X:24”, Y:14”, Z:12”
  • Multiple deburring stations with 30x magnifications scopes manned by staff specially trained and skilled in micro deburring to achieve the highest finish quality possible
  • Customized products manufactured from gray iron, ductile iron, alloyed irons, Ni-Resist, steel and most other ferrous and non-ferrous metals

SPT provides all of its precision machining work at facilities totaling over 175,000 square feet just outside of Chicago, Illinois, conveniently located to major trucking arteries and the global connection of O’Hare International Airport.